There is a 'Finance Hold' on my S3P account which is stopping me from registering for my course. What does this mean?

Students who are blocked for registration because of a finance hold will need to make a fee payment or provide a letter from your funding organisation to Tuition Fees to get the hold removed. More information can be found on the following pages:

  • How to pay your Tuition Fees.
  • What evidence you must supply if you’re a sponsored student.
  • What to do if your scholarship or payment is missing from your balance.
  • Returning students in receipt of a maintenance loan must scan their smart card at a scanning station venue in order to confirm their attendance and release their loan.

The smart card scanning process is very quick, just present your smart card to the reader and press OK.

Library entrance gates are not attendance confirmation scanning stations. Swiping your card at the entrance will not confirm your attendance. 

Your Smartcard can be scanned at the following scanning station venues.

Last reviewed: 31.07.2023