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What is the Safezone App, and how do I access it?

Find out more about the Safezone App and how it can help to keep you safe on campus.

We encourage all students to download and ‘check in’ to the SafeZone app whilst on campus. This is a free app that connects you directly to the University security team should you need help.

The app allows you to get urgent help if you or someone near you ever feels threatened, or you can call for First Aid. When you raise an alarm, the on-campus security team staff will be alerted to your situation and location so that they can co-ordinate the help you need quickly and ensure the safety of our students on campus. 

If you are off campus and you press a SafeZone button, the app will offer a one-tap call to local emergency services instead and provide you with your current GPS location, which you can pass onto call handlers.

SafeZone only shares your location when you ask for help or check-in, it doesn’t track you at other times, so your privacy is respected. You can find out more about SafeZone’s features, and download the app at http://www.safezoneapp.com


Last reviewed: 11.09.2023