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My friend/partner has told me that they’ve experienced sexual violence whilst studying at the University. What should I do?

Guidance for friends and partners about our support services.

We will not tolerate sexual violence, harassment, or assault of any kind in our University Community. If this has happened, your friend/partner can get free, confidential support from our Survivor Support Service.

We are unable to accept referrals into the Survivor Support Service from friends, relatives, or tutors of the survivor without the survivors’ express consent, usually in a written form. Seeking help after sexual violence can be a difficult decision for a survivor to make and it is vital that they are always in control. We must also protect the privacy and confidentiality of our students.

If a loved one has told you that they have experienced this, you can encourage them to use our online Disclosure and Referral Form or to email the team on survivorsupport@ncl.ac.uk for further guidance. If you are concerned about a student you can find guidance here.

It can be distressing hearing about another person’s experience, so if you are a student with us, and need support you should also reach out to our Student Health and Wellbeing Services. You may find this resource helpful: Supporting a survivor of rape | Rape Crisis England & Wales


Last reviewed: 23.09.2022