How do I get my University Smartcard?

Guidance for students who are registered to get their University Smartcard.

Once your registration is complete, you are eligible to receive a University Smartcard.

Your Smartcard will give you access to all University facilities such as the Library and Student Services.

Your Smartcard contains a photograph and brief details including your name, unique student number and library number. You will need it to confirm your student registration and identity.

To enable us to produce a smartcard for you, we need you to upload a photograph of yourself via the University app. The University app can be downloaded here -

Use your University IT credentials to log in to the app. The first time you access the app you will be prompted to upload your photograph. Please ensure that you upload your photograph as soon as possible and preferably before you start your course or arrive in Newcastle.

There are step by step instructions in the app for you to follow to upload your photograph.

The photo on the app will be used for your Digital Smartcard. You need to make sure it is a clear, good quality picture which is similar to a passport photo and clearly shows your face.

You could be asked to show this as identification so you need to make sure that it matches how you look now and it is easy enough to see.

If you already have a smartcard, you do not need to upload a new photograph.

You can collect your card from Student Services, Level 2, King’s Gate (see opening hours here).

Continuing students who need a replacement card can request one from the Library by e-mailing


Last reviewed: 31.07.2023