How can I ensure my child is safe at University?

The University has robust measures in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students. We’re here for our students, and are dedicated to making sure they are supported, nurtured, and set on the path to a lifetime of success. We have put arrangements in place to ensure that every one of our students is able to learn with us, and experience life at Newcastle University whilst staying safe.

Campus Security

We have 24/7 security staff present across campus, supporting our University-managed accommodation. We encourage all students to download the Newcastle University SafeZone App which connects them directly to the University security team should they need help while they are on campus.

Covid-19 support

We are asking all of our students who test positive for Covid-19 to let us know as soon as possible by completing an online form, so that we are aware of their needs. Students can also request a welfare call.

You can find out more information on how we’re keeping our campus safe on our Covid Study webpages.

Wellbeing support 

Our Student Health and Wellbeing team are providing wellbeing support including counselling, workshops and disability appointments.

Students can also access 24-hour mental health support through TalkCampus, a free app that allows them to talk about how they are feeling with other students from across the world.

Further information can be found here 


Last reviewed: 24.02.2022