What healthcare will I be entitled to when I arrive in the UK?

Guidance for students on UK healthcare provision and how you can access it as a student.

As an international student, when you apply for your Student Visa you will be required to pay the immigration health surcharge if you will be studying in the UK for more than 6 months. If you have paid this, and your immigration permission is valid, you are entitled to free NHS treatment for any illnesses and conditions. This includes registering with a G.P, hospital treatment and the treatment of pre-existing medical conditions. In addition if your spouse or/and children are resident in the UK with you as dependents they are also entitled to the same heath care service.

If your course is less than 6 months it is important that you take out medical insurance for you and your dependents from a reputable company. Medical insurance should be arranged for the duration of your stay as you will only be entitled to limited free NHS treatment e.g. free emergency hospital treatment but only if this treatment is administered in an Accident and Emergency department, once you are administered to a ward or given an outpatient appointment charges will apply. The Accident and Emergency Department should not be used for minor medical issues.

European students who have been granted the relevant status under the EU Settlement Scheme, will continue to have access to NHS treatment.

UK Government advice on healthcare immigration is available online.

We encourage all international students to register with a Doctor (known in the UK as a General Practitioner, or GP) as soon as possible following their arrival in the UK.


Last updated: 26.08.2022