Where can I access the free 24/7 Postgraduate Mental Health Support Service?

Find out how as a Postgraduate Student, you can access 24/7 Mental Health Support.

If you are a postgraduate and you find that you need a bit of extra support, please make use of our Free 24/7 Postgraduate Support Service.

The following University support services are for all postgraduate students (PGR and PGT) and include:

  • Free 24/7 Telephone support 0800 030 5182
  • Free online health portal
  • Free medical information
  • Free Legal advice
  • Free Health Hub
  • Free Health E App

The Free Health E App is available on both iOS and Android and is the UK’s largest free library of wellbeing resources. These include videos, guides, and webinars which can be accessed whenever needed, anywhere in the world.

To access all the services 24/7, call 0800 030 5182 or log in to the Postgraduate Assistance Programme with the following credentials:

  • User Name: Newcastle
  • Password: University


Last reviewed: 30.08.2023