I am expecting and/or I need an exam adjustment as the result of a disability. What should I do?

Guidance for students who may if you need to request an exam adjustment.

Newcastle University provides support for students who have a disability, a long-term medical condition or mental health issues. For exams, this includes but is not restricted to the following arrangements:

•    Extra exam time
•    Rest breaks
•    Use of a PC and/or assistive software
•    Change of exam venue/seating arrangement

Contact your Disability Adviser for disability support or if you already have exam adjustments agreed and have questions about whether they will still be necessary/still be in place.

If you have recently submitted evidence of a disability, please contact Disability Team for further advice and exam help via email: disabilityadvisor@newcastle.ac.uk.

If you think you may require any of the above (or any other arrangements) for your exams, please contact the Student Health and Wellbeing Service with your evidence.

Guidance on appropriate evidence and how to submit can be found on the Disability Support website.


Last reviewed: 07.09.2022