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Can I smoke or vape in my accommodation?

Guidance on designated smoking areas in University accommodations.

Smoking and vaping is not allowed in University accommodation and you MUST go outside to smoke in a designated smoking area. Covering or tampering with a smoke detector is a serious offence, as it poses a risk to the lives of those within the accommodation. If you breach these regulations in order to smoke indoors you will be dealt with in accordance with Student Disciplinary Procedures which will include a fine.

Tampering with fire safety equipment, maliciously activating a break glass or other acts which compromises the safety of others, or poses a risk to life, is also dealt with under Student Disciplinary Procedures.

If you see someone tampering with any safety device please contact your Reception, or Security on 0191 208 6817 when Reception is closed, to keep everyone safe.


Last reviewed: 24.07.2023