When will I be able to return to campus to undertake my research work and have access to the University's specialist facilities in laboratories, studios etc.?

Guidance for Postgraduate Research students.

The University will provide direction to Academic Units in relation to PGR students returning to campus, in terms of access to office space and the specialist facilities in laboratories, studios, etc. Continuing postgraduate research students should approach their supervisor for advice on the most appropriate date to return to campus.

If you have concerns regarding primary data collection, for example from patients, then please discuss the individual details with your supervisor or Institute PGRSC/School PGR Director. It may be that, for the time being, data collection will need to be put on hold and you may need to focus on other areas of your studies or take a short interruption.

If, as part of your research, you plan to travel inside or outside of the UK to undertake primary research travel, please see Guidance for PGR students on conducting primary research during the coronavirus pandemic.