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  3. Online teaching from Monday 12 October

Will I get a refund on my fees if present-in-person teaching is cancelled?

In line with government guidance released in April, we are still delivering teaching and learning opportunities to enable you to achieve the learning outcomes for your programme.

Guidance from the Department for Education currently states that “students ordinarily should not expect any fee refund if they are receiving adequate online learning and support.”

We recognise that online teaching provides a different experience to face-to-face delivery but our academic staff are working hard to ensure you have the best possible experience via your online teaching.

Your tuition fee enables us to provide you with the virtual learning environments, IT, and student services that are essential for your teaching. It is also used to maintain and run our student teaching spaces including laboratories, studios and computing clusters. In addition, it ensures we can support your student experience by providing you with services such as counselling and wellbeing support, careers guidance, sport etc.