I am studying at Newcastle University London and need to self-isolate, what should I do?

Information for Newcastle University London students.

If you are a student self-isolating for 14 days follow government guidelines by staying isolated and maintaining social distancing. If you are staying in our Scape East accommodation then we can organise a meal plan where food will be delivered from the on-site café to your door. This will be charged to you. Please let us know in advance if you would like to book this. If you are staying in other accommodation in the city then ensure that you bring enough medication for your self-isolation period as well as extra in case you need to self-isolate for a longer period. Do also ensure that you have a credit card that works in the UK as you will need this to be able to access food and supplies. You can take advantage of the food delivery services available in London such as Deliveroo.co.uk, just-eat.co.uk, ubereats.com as well as supermarket deliveries via tesco.com, groceries.asda.com, Sainsburys.co.uk or ocado.com. All students travelling to the UK who have completed registration will be asked to fill out a quarantine support form. This will identify any additional support you may need after arrival in the UK.