How do I collect my BRP card if I am in quarantine/self-isolation?

Guidance on how to collect a BRP Card.

If you require a BRP Card, you are normally required to collect this within 10 days of arrival to the UK. The collection time has been extended in recognition of the fact that many students will need to quarantine/self-isolate when they arrive to the UK for the new semester. You will need to collect this as soon as you complete your quarantine.  

The UKVI will issue replacement BRP cards without a fee if cards are returned to them. 

Important notice:

You should let us know as soon as possible if you are having to self-isolate by completing this online form.

If you have an urgent need that cannot wait until the next working day (Monday-Friday) – call us:

  • Between 10am and 4pm (Monday - Friday) and 11am - 2pm (Saturday and Sunday) call the COVID Enquiry Line on 0191 222 5101

Outside of these hours call Security on 0191 208 6817 (available 24/7)