What level of fines are issued for breaching Covid regulations?

The highest Fixed Penalty Notice which can currently be issued (November 2020) is for £10,000

In the current lockdown, and in Tier Two and Three, this level of Fixed Penalty Notice is being issued to any person, including students, who either organises, or is believed to have helped organise, a gathering of thirty people or more.

This means that, if you hold a party in your house, each householder can be liable to the same Fixed Penalty Notice of £10,000 – unless you or they can prove that you/they were not involved.

If a Fixed Penalty Notice is not paid for any reason (e.g. the person issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice wants to appeal, or cannot pay), this will be referred to a Court for the final decision.

Any person breaching Covid regulations, for example by being a guest at a gathering/party in lockdown, is subject to being issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice of £800 for their first offence, rising to £6,400 for their sixth offence (i.e. each Fixed Penalty Notice doubles – £800, £1,600, £3,200, £6,400).

If issued with a first Fixed Penalty Notice of £200 you can pay within 14 days and this will be halved, but future Fixed Penalty Notice cannot be halved through early payment. Once Fixed Penalty Notices reach £6,400, each Fixed Penalty Notice from this point will also be for £6,400.

The £10,000 Fixed Penalty Notice is not eligible to be halved through payment within 14 days.