What happens when there is a report made to the University about a student breach of Covid 19 regulations?

Where there has been a breach of Covid 19 Regulations, Northumbria Police will contact the University, and we will send a report to the student(s) concerned, outlining what offence has occurred (including the date and level of offence).

Having been contacted by the University, you will have the opportunity to respond via a personal statement. This report will be copied to your Personal Tutor in order to provide pastoral support, if helpful.

The Student Charter, which all students sign at registration, explains that Newcastle University students are required to adhere to expected standards of conduct both on and off campus.  Reported actions may be considered as behaviour which falls below standard and will be investigated in line with the Student Discipline procedure.

In order to give you the opportunity to address the report, and give your version of events, you are invited to make a written personal statement. Following this, members of the Student Progress Service Casework Team may need to meet with you to discuss the matter further.

Information on local Covid-19 Regulations can be found at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/local-covid-alert-level-high


Last updated: 22.03.2021