If I am accessing campus buildings and facilities, how often should I get tested?

All students and staff who are accessing campus buildings and facilities are strongly encouraged to take two Rapid (LFD) Tests per week. You can book your tests here.

You should only take tests on the days that you are on campus – this means if you are only attending campus once a week, you should not come to campus especially for a test.

While you wait for your test result (typically one hour), you should not interact with anyone outside of your household to avoid transmitting coronavirus.

  • if the first lateral flow test is negative, you should limit your social contact and interaction with other students until you take your second lateral flow test three days later and receive a negative result
  • if your second test is also negative, you can continue your normal day-to-day activities in line with national social distancing guidance
  • however, if you test positive, you should return to your accommodation immediately and self-isolate for ten days. You should walk, cycle or drive where possible and should not use public transport or a taxi or private hire vehicle. You will also need to notify the University that you are self-isolating through this form.
  • if students are on a placement and not attending university facilities, they should follow and participate in any testing regime in place at their placement. It is not necessary to travel to university to be tested before travelling to a placement, unless this is advised by the placement provider.

If you do not get tested when requested, you should self-isolate for 10 days. The more people that get tested, the better we can mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 and everyone’s university experience can improve.

Please note, if you have had a positive coronavirus test in the last 90 days through NHS Test and Trace and been recorded as a positive case on the national system, you do not need to be tested again within that period if you are asymptomatic. This is because you are likely to have developed some immunity. You are still required to self-isolate if you are identified as a close contact of a positive case, even if this is within the 90-day window.

Please note that you should not attend a rapid testing appointment should you display symptoms of Covid-19 or any of the following apply

Report : tell us that you are self-isolating through the Covid-19 reporting form, so that we can support you.

Covid support: If you have a Covid-19 related enquiry, you can contact us by email covidsupport@ncl.ac.uk or the Covid Enquiry Line on 0191 222 5101 (open 11am-2pm, Monday-Friday).

Urgent help: If you have an urgent need that cannot wait until the next working day you should call Security on 0191 208 6817 (available 24/7).