How do I claim reimbursement for my hotel quarantine cost?

If you are an international student arriving in the UK from a red list country you may be eligible to claim back the cost of your government backed hotel quarantine stay if you meet the following criteria:

You are a:

  • new international student travelling to Newcastle for the first time from a home address in a red-list country, for the start of the academic year in September 2021
  • continuing international student arriving in Newcastle from a home address in a red-list country for the start of the academic year in September 2021, providing you have not travelled from Newcastle to return to your home country after 18 June 2021

You aren’t able to claim for anyone else travelling with you or if you are an incoming non-degree student, including incoming exchange, apprenticeship or CPD.

You will need to complete our Red list quarantine reimbursement form and upload your booking confirmation and invoice/receipts. The deadline for applying for reimbursements is 30th November 2021. 

We recommend that you submit your claim after setting up your UK bank account as this will enable us to process your claim more quickly.  You can upload details of your UK bank account to S3P using a secure link.

Please allow up to 14 days from submitting the Red list quarantine reimbursement form to receiving your payment.  Payments to international bank accounts will take longer.

If you have any questions regarding your claim please contact us by email or via the Covid Enquiry Line on 0191 222 5101. For details of operating hours please check here.


Last updated: 14.10.2021