Do I have to get a rapid LFD Covid-19 test if I am coming onto campus?

All students based in term-time accommodation are strongly encouraged to take two Rapid (LFD) Tests per week, even if you are not regularly accessing campus facilities. You can book your tests here.

If you are yet to return to Newcastle, you are encouraged to get a test before you travel back to university, either through your local community testing programme or by ordering a test online.

On your return to Newcastle, you should arrange to take three tests at the University’s on-campus testing centre (3- 4 days apart) in the days following your return. You should then test twice a week, either using home test kits or at the on-campus testing facility. Home tests can be ordered here.

We expect that we will soon be able to provide our students and staff with home testing kits. We will communicate this with you when we have more information.

A rapid lateral flow test is designed to detect the level of virus in individuals who do not experience and show any symptoms (they are asymptomatic), but who could still be infectious and pass the virus to others. By taking a test, you will help to stop the spread of the virus, protect other people and save lives.

  • if your lateral flow test is negative, you should continue to get tested regularly and follow any national restrictions
  • if you test positive, you should return to your accommodation immediately and self-isolate for ten days.  You should walk, cycle or drive where possible to return home and should not use public transport or a taxi or private hire vehicle. You will also need to notify the University that you are self-isolating through this form.
  • Following a positive LFD test result, you should take a follow-up polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test as soon as possible.

If you take a PCR test within 2 days of the LFD test and receive a negative result, you and your household can stop self-isolating. However, self-isolation must continue if:

  • the PCR test result is positive
  • no follow-up PCR test is taken
  • the PCR test result is negative but the test was taken more than 2 days after the LFD test

Testing everyone will be a key tool to reduce the risk of transmission and outbreaks of Covid-19 within our community. If you do not get tested, you should self-isolate for 10 days, to reduce the risk of transmission between home and University.

If you have received a positive Covid test and/or you are self-isolating you must let us know, even if you are not in Newcastle. Please inform us by completing the self-isolation form.

Please note, if you have had a positive coronavirus test in the last 90 days through NHS Test and Trace and been recorded as a positive case on the national system, you do not need to be tested again within that period if you are asymptomatic. This is because you are likely to have developed some immunity. You are still required to self-isolate if you are identified as a close contact of a positive case, even if this is within the 90-day window.


If you have any queries please get in touch:

There is wheelchair access available at the on-campus testing centre, located in the Students’ Union, via a lift. The level-access to the Students' Union basement will be arranged through queue coordinators at the main entrance who will show individuals down to the basement and back up again.  


Last updated: 16.04.2021