Can I go home for the winter break?

The UK Government have outlined their commitment to ensure that students who have been living away from home are able to return home at the end of term, if they choose and are able to do so. Newcastle University will continue to work with the Government, the local authority and other local universities to plan how our students can travel home safely ahead of the winter break.

Students in England are still required to follow the current national restrictions that are in place until 2 December and complete their four-week lockdown in their term-time accommodation. In order to ensure that students can go home at the end of term, whilst also reducing the risk of transmission risk of Covid-19, the Government have asked that students return home only once the national restrictions have been lifted, in a “student travel window”, lasting from 3-9 December 2020.

You can find up to date guidance, specifically for students about the end of term 2020, online.