Can I still be offered work on campus with the current IT issues?

Information and guidance for Students Employed on Campus.

Work is ongoing to identify the impact of the recent IT incident on Student Employment on Campus, but please note the following important information:

Students who are already registered as casual workers and who have available hours for work can be offered work assignments as normal

If you had already registered as a casual worker via S3P and have completed a right to work check with the Recruitment Team, your Recruiter should be able to create assignments for you.

It is imperative that you do not undertake any work unless this has been booked in the Manage Student Work app in advance.

Students who cannot access S3P to register for the 2020/21 academic year

The Manage Student Work app requires that a student be registered onto either a degree programme for 2020/21 or, have a status of ‘successful completion’ for work hours to be available. Manual registration of students is taking place and for most students is expected to be completed by 28 September.

Students who cannot access S3P to complete the Student Worker Registration form

Students who have not yet completed the Student Worker Registration Form on S3P cannot be registered as casual workers at this time. A temporary manual process has been set up and we will be prioritising Postgraduate Research students who will be undertaking teaching activities first. This will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. If you have been offered work and want to know how this affects you, please email speak with your Recruiter.

MyApps including the My Working Hours App are currently operating however, IT services that are operating may need to be taken down without notice.

If you have any questions email